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September 2017 Report

Helping Children in Crisis Report  – September 2017 Kay R. Alden, HCIC Chair   In March HCIC hired Samson’s daughter, Dorothy Mogusu, as a Liaision to be on site with the children, visit those attending high school and vocational school, keep school and health records, communicate our expectation to the children, provide needed information about […]

August 2017 Report

Helping Children in Crisis report August 2017 Kay R. Alden, Chair The high school students are back at the church/orphanage for their month long school holiday and everyone is enjoying being together. Two of our young adults, Winny and Benjamin, recently reached a level of self sufficiency that they no longer need to be supported […]

June 2017 Report

Helping Children in Crisis report June 2017 Kay R. Alden, Chair In February three members of the HCIC executive committee traveled to Kenya.  The main purpose of the visit was to mentor the new General Church Sacred Care  treasurer in financial practices and to create a working budget for 2017.  Language and cultural differences provided […]

Report on Our March 2017 Visit to Kenya

GC Helping Children in Crisis (HCIC) Currently supporting 36 children and young adults in Kenya. HCIC would like to report that three of our executive members have recently returned from a trip to Kenya. The main purpose of the trip was to mentor their new treasurer on creating a budget, further develop our personal relationships […]

HCIC Children’s Concert

Helping Children in Crisis is hosting a children’s concert at Be Well Bakery & Cafe on June 21st from 5-9pm. Bring your children and grab a bite to eat while enjoying children’s entertainment including music by Joy Cole, Anders Hyatt, Curtis Childs and other artists. 10% of the proceeds will go to our capital campaign […]

October 2016 Report

  When Helping Children in Crisis (HCIC) was first formed in 2012 in response to a needy situation in Kenya, the committee knew that there would be challenges in maintaining a working relationship between the General Church Sacred Care mission (GCSC) and HCIC on account of the cultural differences and expectations between Kenya and the western world. […]

Good News of Student Achievement

We received very happy news from Samson. One of our orphans attending high school scored high enough to qualify for university! Only about 1% of Kenyan students achieve this goal. This young woman’s hard work and bright future impress and inspire us. Samson, the children, and the community are thrilled. Samson wrote: We have had a lively service […]

February 2016 Update

  There have been some recent developments in Kenya that I thought you would all like to know about. The conditions in Etora are rough under normal circumstances, but the rainy season magnifies these conditions. The world becomes a mud bath. High winds and driving rain make it impossible to be outside. Roof Collapse About […]

January 2016 Report

Helping Children in Crisis (HCIC) continues to support the work of the General Church Sacred Care (GCSC) orphanage in Etora, Kenya which operates under the leadership of Rev. Samson Abuga and Rev. George Magero. This past year we had five young adults attending vocational school, 16 students attending local boarding high school, and 44 elementary-age children. […]