January 2016 Report

Helping Children in Crisis (HCIC) continues to support the work of the General Church Sacred Care (GCSC) orphanage in Etora, Kenya which operates under the leadership of Rev. Samson Abuga and Rev. George Magero. This past year we had five young adults attending vocational school, 16 students attending local boarding high school, and 44 elementary-age children.

Samson reported that last year’s test scores have come in, and once again his New Church school ranked first in the local district and 73rd in the whole country!

Recent Blessings

  • Thanks to the generous donations of two families we now have hired a nurse who checks on the children weekly and is available for medical emergencies.
  • We successfully raised enough money to start construction on a brick perimeter wall with gates. All supplies have been purchased and posts installed, but we have to wait until the rainy season has abated to complete construction.
  • The van GCSC used to transport children and purchase supplies completely broke down. HCIC covered the expenses to repair it.
  • The dormitories were overcome with bedbugs. We raised enough money to purchase new beds, mattresses, and linens for all of the children.
  • After months of challenges in getting internet access, Samson now has a new carrier, and we look forward to more regular communication.
  • We sent out a Thanksgiving card to donors and had a tremendous response. There were several other successful fundraisers including a table at the Bryn Athyn Craft Sale and a raffle. More events are planned for this year, including a Soup Bowl in the spring. Stay tuned for the exact date!
  • We have an active and talented executive committee and welcome Andrea Pitcairn as our new sponsorship director. Sarah Odhner has also joined our committee and could be traveling to Kenya in the summer with her husband and will be able to help with our work there.

Upcoming Challenges

  • During the heavy rains the roof blew off the office and storage buildings.
  • Hurtful interactions with members of the Riounde community challenge the well being of the children

This year will be the final year of support for four of our young adults. Once they are done their vocational training in December they will live with members of Samson’s community while they find jobs in their field, but jobs can be very difficult to find.

Thanks to all who have supported our work through donations and prayers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to become involved in our work.


Kay R. Alden, HCIC Chair