Report on Our March 2017 Visit to Kenya

March VisitGC Helping Children in Crisis (HCIC)
Currently supporting 36 children and young adults in Kenya.

HCIC would like to report that three of our executive members have recently returned from a trip to Kenya. The main purpose of the trip was to mentor their new treasurer on creating a budget, further develop our personal relationships with the children and staff, and explore ways we might be able to ease the workload of Rev. Samson Abuga. All three goals were met during our five day stay with them. On the final day we were able to receive a budget that meets our current ability to support the children through sponsorships. But it was apparent that in the near future we will need to address an increase in sponsorships that reflects changes in inflation and the value of the dollar. The children look fantastic. They are well and happy. The elementary age children were enjoying a mid-term break from school while we were there so there was plenty of time to play games, read and sing with them. About 30 of us, including the younger children, crammed into a small buss and drove to the boarding school where the high school students were attending classes and taking exams. It was like watching one big family reunite as the children poured from the bus onto the field to greet each other and immediately start kicking a soccer ball around. In order to relieve Samson of some of the paperwork we require of him the HCIC board recently hired a young woman named Dorothy Mogusu to help Samson. Dorothy has all the skills sets for the job and is eager to do the work. We are looking for one or two families who might be willing to sponsor the cost of Dorothy’s job which we estimate would be $120/month if one family covered it or $60/month if two families did. Dorothy is raising a 3 year old orphaned boy herself so by providing Dorothy with a job we are also furthering our mission of supporting a child in crisis. If interested please contact the HCIC Chair Kay Alden at. 215-947-5269.