August 2017 Report

Helping Children in Crisis report August 2017

Kay R. Alden, Chair

The high school students are back at the church/orphanage for their month long school holiday and everyone is enjoying being together. Two of our young adults, Winny and Benjamin, recently reached a level of self sufficiency that they no longer need to be supported by HCIC. We rejoice that this goal has been accomplished but also are sad to lose contact with them after all these years. Words cannot express how grateful we are to the two families that supported these young people for so many years. Winny is a top students and qualifies for government grants. She is attending university and is seeking a degree in education. Benjamin has moved to a town where he has a friend and is living with his friends family. He is working as a mechanic. It would also be nice to mention that another former young adult sponsored HCIC is a teacher at Samson’s school.

Our liaison, Dorothy, reports that the upcoming country elections on August 8th have everyone concerned. We are praying that the democratic system will go smoothly. Many of our older children were orphaned after the political violence following the 2007 election. Please join all of us involved with HCIC in prayer for a safe and peaceful election in Kenya.