September 2017 Report

Helping Children in Crisis Report  – September 2017

Kay R. Alden, HCIC Chair


In March HCIC hired Samson’s daughter, Dorothy Mogusu, as a Liaision to be on site with the children, visit those attending high school and vocational school, keep school and health records, communicate our expectation to the children, provide needed information about schools, etc.  Starting in January most of the children we sponsor will be in local high school boarding schools and vocational schools in the nearby town of Kisii.  Dorothy sends us reports every two weeks.  This has proved very helpful and Dorothy is doing a great job of following through on her responsibilities.  Two kind sponsors agreed to cover her salary.


The Kenyan school year starts in January.  School runs for three months and then they have a month off.  School holiday months are April, August and December.  The children have just returned to school after a month holiday in August and many of them will be preparing for rigorous end of year exams in November. Their performance on these tests can have far reaching implications for their future.  We wish them the best in their studies.


As I mentioned in my last report the HCIC board is currently re-writing our “matriculation policies”.  We hope to have these complete before the end of the Kenyan school year. These are the policies that address the expectations of the young adults following high school graduation and culminating with their leaving our care.  Our intention is to provide two years of some kind of vocational training if they want it so that they will have the means to be independent useful members of the community


Without a doubt the biggest challenge for HCIC revolves around clear communication.  We use snail mail, email, skype and even travel there to meet with each other in person but still it is a challenge to understand each other. Time differences, culture, language and accents all provide their share of confusion. Patience, humor and shared goals for the welfare of the children are the tools we use to address the challenges.  Oh, and prayers.  Prayers help too.  Please keep them coming.