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Helping Children in Crisis Report, November 2021

Helping Children in Crisis Covid Update: It appears that life in Kenya has established a “Kenyan Covid Normal”. Schools and businesses are open for the most part even as cases continue to rise and there are few vaccines available. Prices are inflated, there are shortages, and transportation has limitations. The Kenyan school year usually runs […]


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for additional funds and sponsors for the orphans in Kenya. Tuition, living expenses, school uniform costs and so on have risen dramatically. In addition, one of our orphans had a  life-threatening case which landed her in hospital for an extended period. That bill alone was nearly $12,000 USD! […]

Helping Children in Crisis Report, April 2021

The pandemic situation in Kenya is starting to get worse. Most schools re-opened in January when the new school year started. Virtually all of the children and young adults lost a year of education. There is no “online learning” in Kenya. Most of the children and young adults are back where they were a year […]

Helping Children in Crisis Pandemic Report

Helping Children in Crisis October 2020 PANDEMIC REPORT We have been in regular contact with Rev. Samson Abuga and our Liaison, Dorothy Mogusu, during the pandemic.  We can verify that the HCIC children/young adults are all doing well.  They have been bored, but well.  Keeping a bunch of teenagers occupied in a restricted space had […]

Helping Children in Crisis April 2020 Report

April 16,2020 HELPING CHILDREN IN CRISIS UPDATE ON HOW GC SACRED CARE IS DOING IN KENYA Dear supporters of HCIC, As you well know Covid-19 has found its way to every corner of the world and disrupted life as we knew it. This is true for our work with the support of orphans in Kenya […]

Helping Children in Crisis Fall 2019 Report

Helping Children in Crisis Report Kay Alden, Chair September , 2019 Currently HICC and the General Church sacred Care (GCSC) work together to support a total of 32 children and young adults: 17 girls and 15 boys. ·    6 children live on church premises attending Samson’s New Church school. ·    18 teenagers attend a local Christian boarding […]

New Dorms with Electricity!

We are very excited to share with you the most recent pictures of the new dorms! Thanks to your generous donations the children have both a new new girls and a new boys dorm WITH ELECTRICITY!

Helping Children in Crisis Report – May 2019

As reported earlier the Kenyan government unexpectedly came in and tore down the dorms of the GC Sacred Care at the end of January. We knew the corrugated metal buildings were not up to code but did not expect that they would tear them down without warning. We were hoping to bring in electricity and […]

Update on Dorms March 2019

March 22, 2019 Dear Friends of HCIC I wanted to keep you updated on the situation at the orphanage since the government came and tore down the dormitories the children live in at the end of January. If you recall the government cited that they were not up to code  and gave them 90 days […]