Update on Dorms March 2019

March 22, 2019

Dear Friends of HCIC

I wanted to keep you updated on the situation at the orphanage since the government came and tore down the dormitories the children live in at the end of January. If you recall the government cited that they were not up to code  and gave them 90 days to build new ones. We knew they weren’t up to code but didn’t think they would just come in and destroy them.  We wanted to bring in electricity and running water first.  The children are now being housed in rented rooms near by.

Funds were sent over a couple of weeks ago to bring in electricity and that project is going well. Electrical poles now reach the property. They should be installing the box in the next few days and have working electricity by the end of the month.  This will make communication between HCIC and the General Church Sacred Care much better.

We have been scrambling to get approved drawings for the dorms.  Old approved drawings were more elaborate than we currently need and the price was well out of our reach. Samson negotiated with government officials and they have approved two single story structures. Samson located a local builder who can do the work for $25,000 USD.  Thank you to many generous donors who have sent in money.  We have collected approximately $10,000 for this project.   Further donations would be welcome and can be donated through our regular avenues listed below. Funding for bringing in running water will have to wait.

The first installment for building the dorms will go out early next week.  Money is being sent in three installments.  Each installment needs photo proof of work done and financial receipts for the previous work. Samson believes once the initial installment is received the builder can order the supplies and complete the dorms by the end of April  if all goes well. They will send weekly pictures once the work has started and I will post them on our Facebook page and website.

Thank you again for your love and financial support.  Prayers for the health of our friends in Kenya and for the good work of our organization are always welcome.

Many Blessings,

Kay Alden
HCIC Chair

Donations can be via check made out to “General Church” and ear marked “HCIC dorms”.  Mail check to:

%Kay Alden
PO Box 204
Bryn Athyn, PA 19009

Or donate with a credit card here.