Helping Children in Crisis Report – May 2019

As reported earlier the Kenyan government unexpectedly came in and tore down the dorms of the GC Sacred Care at the end of January. We knew the corrugated metal buildings were not up to code but did not expect that they would tear them down without warning. We were hoping to bring in electricity and running water before we built new dorms. The children have temporarily been housed in rented rooms near by. Thanks to many generous donations we were able to fund both the electrical work and the cost of two brick single story dorms! The ANC Secondary Schools did a fundraiser, sponsors and donors stepped up to fill our mailbox with checks. One sixth grade girl left a $20 bill taped to my door with the note “I hope this money helps the kids in Africa. I think of them often.” We are truly grateful for this support.

The month of April is a school holiday month in Kenya. During this time Church members and the children themselves helped to build the new structures. GCSC staff report that several of the children really enjoyed the work and demonstrated an aptitude for the needed skills. Besides a new home this project just may have inspired future vocational aspirations. Together we are building a home and a future for these children.

Kay R. Alden