Helping Children in Crisis Fall 2019 Report

Helping Children in Crisis Report

Kay Alden, Chair

September , 2019

Currently HICC and the General Church sacred Care (GCSC) work together to support a total of 32 children and young adults: 17 girls and 15 boys.

·    6 children live on church premises attending Samson’s New Church school.

·    18 teenagers attend a local Christian boarding school and are regularly visited by Samson.  He often gives them religious instruction when he visits. They return to church premises for their month long holidays three times a year.

·    8 young adults are attending various vocational training programs ranging from wildlife tourism , to mechanics, to human resources.

Kenyan government officials have been keeping a close eye on the GCSC and holding them accountable to complete government standards.  Building permanent structures for the dorms was first on their list. These dorms were completed earlier in the year. The children are enjoying their new home.  While the secondary students are away at boarding school, Samson rents the spare beds to local children who want to remain on the church premises during the week and benefit from the religious instruction Samson provides before and after school.

The HCIC executive board just approved funding for the next government requirement: a permanent eating pavilion and cookhouse.  The first phase of the building project has already started and is expected to be complete by the end of November. Samson is sending HCIC receipts for the installments and will be sending regular picture updates once the work begins.  Picture updates will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

After that we will be looking to complete the final phase of the standards which will be to provide running water.  Funding for this project has not yet been secured.

The Kenyan school year ends in December.  The children and young adults are on the home stretch for this school year. May the Lord bless the fruit of their work when they sit for their exams.