Good News of Student Achievement

Winny Nyakira OmbasaWe received very happy news from Samson. One of our orphans attending high school scored high enough to qualify for university! Only about 1% of Kenyan students achieve this goal. This young woman’s hard work and bright future impress and inspire us. Samson, the children, and the community are thrilled. Samson wrote:

We have had a lively service today where everyone has come in with a flower to commemorate [the student] for the good and hard work she did to her studies. We have received phone calls from our friends and the government congratulating us. [She] is the first orphans to qualify for a university degree which has never been obtained even from the well-established orphanages in Kisii.

All our tears of joy are for the financial support from HCIC. You have done us a great, great honor. Our Lord’s Love shine upon you all today and for evermore. Amen.

“The circle of a person’s life is to know, to understand, to will and to do.” Apocalypse Explained 242