March 2018 Report

Report from Helping Children in Crisis (HCIC)– March 2018
Supporting General Church Sacred Cared (GCSC) in Etora, Kenya

Children/young adults: We currently have 33 children and young adults in our care. 8 children attend the New Church elementary school and the others are either boarding in local secondary schools or attending various vocational training programs. Those who graduated from secondary school in December are assessing their national test scores and looking into programs that will be a good fit. All seem to be enjoying good health.

HCIC Liaison: It has been almost a year since we hired Dorothy Mogusu as our Liaison on the ground in Etora and we have been very pleased with her work and are getting reports on a more regular basis. Unfortunately she slipped in the mud at Christmas and broke her foot! She assures us that it is mending nicely.

Still need better financial reporting: Our biggest challenge by far has been to get transparent financial documentation from the GCSC. This documentation includes ledger reports of how money is spent, receipts for tuition payments, and copies of letters of acceptance to vocational programs. We also require that the children write letters to the board and sponsors on a regular basis. Some of this information is coming through but the HCIC policies require more consistent, timely and thorough reporting. We are working with the GCSC staff to make this happen.

Thank you Oak Arbor! This year the Oak Arbor school took on a year-long project of supporting the work of HCIC. This partnership included pictures and letters sent back and forth from various classes to the children in Kenya and those at the Oak Arbor school. The OA students did some fundraising in the fall that provided Christmas presents to the GCSC children. And in January the HCIC Chair, Kay Alden, traveled to Oak Arbor and gave a program to the school and one to the society at a fund raiser (coffee house/talent show). Another fundraiser is planned for later in March. Thank you Oak Arbor for all you are doing to help these children!

Electricity and running water: We hope to have enough money soon to bring in electricity and running water to the Etora church property. We are waiting to see 2-3 reasonable bids from local reputable contractors before we move forward with this project.

HCIC received many generous donations over the holiday season. We have more money now than we did a year ago which is a healthy sign. We are grateful for the ongoing support of so many people. Clearly our mission is one that resonates with many.

Respectfully submitted,
Kay Alden
HCIC Chair

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