Capital Campaign Update: February 2015

We are thrilled to have already raised $35,000 for the capital campaign! And while we have a long way to go to reach our $300,000 goal, the increased support from new and existing donors is heartwarming. Adding each brick to our donor wall is a great reminder of your support, and of our progress!

But do you know what is better than a donor wall? A real wall, with a real gate! We have raised enough money to fund the first phase of construction: a perimeter wall with a security gate. Constructing the wall and gate will cost about $20,500. HCIC board members determined this estimate, and the estimates for each phase of the building project, on their trip last summer.

The Kenyan government and Samson’s trusted builder recommend starting with the perimeter wall and gate. Once completed, the enclosed compound will provide security for children, and it will also provide a safe place to store construction materials, which are tempting to steal.

Before we break ground, we want to establish protocol necessary for funding a construction project halfway across the world. The money will be sent in installments, and we must be able to verify the proper use of each installment before we send the next payment. For instance, we will send the first payment after we receive a plot plan and a breakdown of costs from the builder.

After the perimeter wall goes up, the next step will probably be to bring in electricity. This will allow Samson to set up security lights and possibly purchase electric stove top units. Samson believes the cost of electricity will be cheaper than what he currently pays for gas lamps and firewood for the stoves. We are doing research to compare the utility costs. Electric stoves would also be healthier than wood-fired ones. Sadly, our long-standing, faithful cook Lazarus is suffering lung damage from attending fires all day.

Stay tuned—more updates will follow as the project progresses. And if you would like to help move this project along, grab a shovel and come on down to Etora, Kenya! Or you can just donate to build a home.